Pakistan Foundry Association
Pakistan Foundry Association
Training Workshops
Training workshop on Iron Casting Methoding
Pakistan Foundry Association
Pakistan Foundry Association
6thTH IFCE 2017
6th IFCE 2017

Foundry Overview

Pakistan is a Country of 186.2 Million People with 1640 foundries operating with installed capacity of 350,000 tons per year of Grey, SG Iron, Steel and Non-Ferrous Casting.  Desipte current suitation, Pakistan is set to become market of 115,000 Cars,691,000 Motorcycles, 45000 Tractors inaddition to Bus, Truck and Farm Machinery Sectors. More detail.

President Message

It is encouraging to note that GIFA, Metaic, Thermprocess and Newcast 2015 ended with the highest visitor and exhibitors participation of more than 120 countries including Pakistan. More details.

PFA Profile

Formation of Pakistan foundry association began in the early half of year 2003 when a few foundries started working on the use of computer simulation software technology for foundry in Pakistan. More detail.