PFA has taken initiative to publish its newsletter element on quarterly basis. PFA publishes a quarterly magazine “Element” from PFA Secretariat. “ELEMENT” is distributed to all leading teaching institutes of Pakistan (dealing in metallurgy), all related government officials, foundry men all over Pakistan, steel mills (around 250 Approx.), steel alloys and foundry suppliers, sugar mills, cement factories.
Sent online to more than 500 foundries in India and around 100 participants from Asian countries and foundry men in Europe, Iran & GIFA.

International Foundry Congress & Exhibition (IFCE)

FPFA has been organizing IFCE since 2006. Now 8th IFCE being held in November, 2020.
IFCE provides an opportunity to interact with the international buyers and customers.
A number of foreign countries have been participating in IFCE including Turkey, India, China, UK, Italy, Germany, Japan, Vietnam and Czech Republic etc.

Internship program for the Students of B.Sc Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

PFA is dedicated to the Technological upgradation of the foundry sector in Pakistan. Which is the base industry for the growth of Engineering and Allied Industries World wide. To develop skills in various foundry trades, PFA members provided an opportunity of Internship to the students of B.Sc Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, UET Lahore, GIKI, NED, Punjab University, Mehran & Dawood University etc.

The batch of students has successfully completed their 6 weeks internship, on the job training in different foundries of Pakistan, organized by PFA. These students are now exposed to the shop floor working of foundry essentials for their future working. PFA will continue providing internship to other Engineering Universities i.e., etc.

Organizing Seminars

PFA is also organizing the seminars on various topics to aware.

Pakistani Foundrymen about the international requirements and future prospects of foundry industry throughout the year.