Chicago Group is comprised of many companies all involved in the business of Tribology. We make precision parts choosing the right materials and machining perfect fits, giving the finished parts long durable life and we make lubricants and greases trying to achieve the same. Our manufacturing plants are located in Multan, Pakistan. Multan is a big city centrally located in Pakistan, making it an ideal location for distributing our goods all over the Pakistan. The group employs many very highly qualified people with higher degrees in Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Accounting and Information Technology.

Our Labs are equipped with state of the art equipment imported from the USA, Europe and Japan. Our Parts manufacturing foundries & factories are equipped with Induction Melting Furnaces, CNC Machines, Conventional Machines and complete Metallurgical Laboratories. Our Lubricants & Greases manufacturing plant is fitted with machinery and equipment imported from the USA, Europe, Singapore and China.

Q Product Range

  • Cylinder Liners

  • Brake Parts

  • Bearing Caps etc.

Additional Details

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