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Madina Enterprises Ltd. (Steel Division) is a state-of-the-art integrated steel mill, which incorporates a combination of European, Indian & Chinese sophisticated technologies to produce quality steel products that comply with international standards.

Erected under the supervision of Chinese and Indian engineers, the mill comprises of steel melting furnaces, ladle refining furnace, continuous casting plant and automatic steel re-lolling mill. The plant and machinery of this steel mill was imported from Europe, India & China.

Madina Enterprises Ltd. (Steel Division) is the first and only steel mill in Pakistan that operates on captive power generated from power plants based on indigenous bye products/ waste of sugar and rice mills. The energy efficiency and cutting edge technology sets Madina Enterprises Ltd. (Steel Division) a cut above the rest.

All steel products comply with ASTM, BIS, SAC and AISI grade specifications. However, we also produce products of specification preferred by the client. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products, competitive pricing and exceptional customer services.

Madina Enterprises Limited “MEL” is the leading steel rolling mill in the Pakistan with the capability to manufacture international quality products with various standards such as DIN, ASTM etc. The state-of-the-art rolling mill can produce structure steel with close tolerance and the required mechanical properties and cater to stringent requirements for critical applications.

Q Product Range

Kisan Steel Bar:
Kisan Deformed steel bars of Grade 40 and Grade 60 are produced in all American and British standards sizes, from 10 MM to 50 MM.

Deformed Steel Bars:

Deformed bar grade 60 is rolled for selling ex-stock, while grade 40 bar is rolled against order according to customer needs. Bars can be rolled conforming to the standards noted below or any other International Standard specified by the customers.

  • ASTM A 615-03

  • JIS G 3112 (1987)

  • BA 1968

  • DIN 488 & 1045

  • IS 1786

  • ISO 1035 & 4951

  • BDS 1313: 1990

  • BS 4449:1988

Deformed bar can be supplied in straight cut-to-size lengths and can be rolled at very close tolerances on nominal weight for supplying on theoretical weight basis.

Major Advantages

  • 65% higher yield strength

  • 100% higher bond strength

  • Satisfactory weld ability due to limited carbon content

  • Lesser crack width of RCC members

  • 20% extra factor of safety due to elimination of definite yield point

  • Net economy in reinforcing cost: 35% in tension, 30% in compression

  • End hooks not required due to 100% higher bond capacity

  • Saves labor, transportation, supervision costs due to reduction in steel consumption

  • Being a licensed product the quality is guaranteed

Kisan Steel Beams:
Kisan Steel manufactures superior quality sectional I and T shaped beams (T-iron & Girders), produced under international steel manufacturing principles. Kisan Steel offers a wide variety of height, width and thickness grades for beam flange and web.

Customized to cater to project-based requirements, Kisan Steel Beams are suitable for all commercial, industrial and residential constructions.

With a promise of strength and reliability, Kisan Steel offers a following range of sectional beams:

  • Girders (I-Section)

  • T-iron (T-Section)

  • Angle Iron (L-Section)

  • Flats

Q Product Line

Q Annual Turnover

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