Mr. Muneer Ahmad – Director


NCB Corporation (Pvt) Ltd., Pakistan, Established in 1999 An advance high-tech Manufacturing and Ultra Engineering Company in Karachi Pakistan, that supplies Cast / SG Iron Auto parts to Hino, Nissan, world renowned companies having assembly plants and OEM in Pakistan.

In 2004 we re-engineered one of the most advanced Circular knitting machine in Pakistan. It’s the first and the only one of its kind in the country. NCB has re-manufacturing services, industrial / commercial parts, and engineering expertise acquired over the last 13 years.

Q Product Range

Q Product Line

  • Melting Facilities: 2 tons per 3 hours (high frequency induction furnace (Japan Origin)

  • 20 tons/6h and 12tons/6h Copula furnace

  • Casting facilities: Casting of Grey/Ductile Iron (SG iron) up to 2000kg

  • Shot Blasting: Capability of Shot Blasting of casting parts up to 5 tonne

  • Pattern Making Facilities: Capability to Develop Wooden, Aluminum, Metal, Epoxy resin and Polystyrene pattern in house

Q Annual Turnover

Additional Details

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