Rashid Mughal Industry (RMI) produces Grey Iron castings for auto, water, gas, fan and pump industries. We specialise in small castings ranging from 50grams to 15Kg. Our focus is on quality as well as quantity, with a mission to produce defect free castings for our valued customers. We started over 40 years ago producing malleable iron fittings for local market, utilities and housing societies, we have grown since and produce castings for a wide variety of industries now.

Our biggest customers are OEMs in the motorcycle and three wheeler segment, we cast and machine grey iron engine and braking components for motorcycles and auto rickshaws.
We also provide castings for gas utility vendors in North and South regions of Pakistan. Where ever you see gas connection you may find an RMI casting. In the pump casting sector we provide castings for submersible pumps in both Iron and Brass.

We have an installed capacity of 200 tons we cast hundreds of thousands if not millions of parts every month using various processes. We are continually updating our facilities as our journey continues in pursuit of perfect castings

Q Product Range

Motorcycle Brake Drum Inserts, GI Pipe Fittings, Crank Case Rings, Hub Rings, Submersible Pump Parts, Gas Service Valves

Additional Details

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