Ravi Autos Sheikhupura Pvt. Limited an ISO 2015 company establish in 1981, start off as a foundry today we supply components in Metal Casting, HPDC (Aluminum casting), Forging including Heat Treatments. We do high precise machining on CNC & SPM machining centers including assemblies.

Over the past four decades we have achieved milestone as a leader in OEM manufacturing by always keeping the quality as a main focus. To diversify the business, build new facility for plastic injection molding with IML technology.

Q Product Range

  • Tractor Parts

  • Auto Parts

  • Casting (nodular iron)

  • High Pressure Die-Casting (Aluminium)

  • CNC Machining

  • Gravity Die-Casting

Q Product Line

  • Foundry Casting

  • High Pressure Die Casting

  • Forging etc.

Q Annual Turnover

Additional Details

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