Established in 2009, Ravi Spherocast is part of the Ravi Group. The Company has dedicated itself to being the leading casting facility amongst the OEM manufacturers in the country. With modern, cutting-edge casting technologies and a fabrication capacity of about 500 tons per month, it serves as the main foundry for the Ravi Group and its subsidiaries.

Ravi Spherocast partnered with DISA of Denmark for all its machinery and engineering casting equipment. Spearheading green manufacturing practices, DISA is a global leader in foundry technology with equipment designed to be safe, clean and lean in production of quality castings.

We specialize in the industry-preferred green sand-casting process where casting lines go through high frequency induction furnaces ensuring high quality and cost-effective castings. The sand is then recycled for sustainability and protection of the environment.

Q Product Range

Q Product Line

  • Oil Pump

  • Water Pump

  • Clutch Assemblies

  • Brake Assemblies

  • Fly Wheels

  • Engine Mounting Brackets

  • Manufacturing divisions

  • Grey Iron

Q Annual Turnover

Additional Details

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